Ninja+ Extreme DVD (DVD, SPANISH and English) by Matthew Garrett


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Matt Le Mottee Presents: Showcase Ninja+ olympics showcase New key ring technique Flying long distance Flying static link Planar Links (1,2,3 & flying) The impossible link Clamped link One handed palm link Up the ladder Thumb marks the spot Edge grip link In conversation Matthew Garrett Presents: Showcase Unlink to 3 fingers Ring to mint link Coke link The double gimmick Work with no key ring More on thumb marks the spot Hand transfer & ramsey subtlety Middle link (1,2) Robber polo House key gimmick Bangle display Ninja+ for stage Logic, entertainment & emotion Linking Rings Close Up: 360 & 540 degree link Flying link Side link Spin unlink Drop link Arm link Shape link One handed work Live Performance of Ninja+ Extras: Ninja+ review Competition winning act Product review appearance Monty the spiv review



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